Manipulating Fabric 1

Design Experimentation Workshop Jan 2013

School: Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Architecture / International Program in Design + Architecture

Instructors:   Roberto Requejo & Yarinda Bunnag











The primary goal of the Design Experimentation Workshop on Manipulating Fabric was to expose and familiarize students with fabric as a material for design. The workshop began with two preliminary exercises meant to introduce students to the properties of fabric; rupture and attachment.  These were carried on in an intuitive fashion, where students literally tampered with their material in order to understand limits and potentials.

Through trial and error, students drew conclusions as to the differing qualities of each material and began to establish preferences for working with one material or another.

A fabric installation was introduced as their final exercise.  Issues of structure were crucial for space-making and to allow constructs to be freestanding.  The exercise demanded that they make use of their newly developed skills while taking into account issues of scale and assembly. Ultimately, students were able to understand the interrelated nature between surface and force.

As a design-build exercise with fabric, the workshop dealt with formal complexity and unpredictable material performance. This called for a rigorous hands-on trial and error process.  Consequently, the relationship between design intent and actualization became quite seamless and immediate. Set up as a formal exercise, potential applications were not considered during the development of their constructs, but were instead retroactively  discussed during their final presentations.

Students:   Jarim Weeraboonchai, Norataj Phuvatanaraksa, Panachai Chankrachang, Sirapa Supakalin, Ploynisa Mongkoladisai, Patlapa Davivongsa, Papat Jinaphun, Ratha Techasopapan, Smith Wararatchai, Sireethorn Kanyaratanamongkol, Sitthiwat Suddhijaru, Chinnapat Wattanasombat